Direct Express Benefits Debit Card– Social Security Direct Deposit

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If you receive benefits from Social Security, including retirement and SSI benefits, it’s possible to receive benefits by Direct Express direct deposit. Social Security Administration (SSA) requires that all Social Security retirement or Supplemental Income (SSI) beneficiaries receive their monthly benefits electronically in 2013. If you haven’t already done

Potential Social Security Reform

If you’re concerned about the future of Social Security and potential Social Security reform, you’re in good company. Many Americans rely on Social Security retirement benefits. Decisions about when to claim or delay Social Security retirement benefits are moot because these individuals and families don’t have other income sources,

Single Income Households and Social Security Benefits

Many people live in single income households or households in which one spouse’s income and Social Security retirement benefit is dramatically less than the other’s. It’s generally accepted that the higher earner in the household should delay claiming Social Security retirement benefits. Visit “Benefits for Spouses” at to

Four Key Options for Married Couples Claiming Social Security Spousal Benefits

Claiming Social Security retirement spousal benefits used to be a complex matter for many married couples. Before the passage of new laws that closed so-called advanced strategies, married people considered file-and-suspend at FRA, restricted applications, and more. Advanced claiming strategies were considered in addition to the choice all Social