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Single Income Households and Social Security Benefits

Many people live in single income households or households in which one spouse’s income and Social Security retirement benefit is dramatically less than the other’s. It’s generally accepted that the higher earner in the household should delay claiming Social Security retirement benefits. Visit “Benefits for Spouses” at to

Delaying Social Security Retirement Benefits

Mention the topic of delaying Social Security retirement benefits in a group and you’re sure to get many different responses. The choice about whether to delay Social Security retirement benefits is complicated. Knowing when to claim Social Security retirement may depend on financial flexibility. Ultimately, the decision about when

Timing Social Security Retirement Benefits

Married couples may have more reasons to consider timing Social Security retirement benefits than individual beneficiaries. Most retired couples wrestle with the right time to claim retirement benefits from social Security. While there might not be a perfect time to claim for many people, selecting an optimal claiming strategy

Public Service Pensions and Social Security Retirement Benefits

Fewer Americans can expect a pension to fund retirement in today’s world. According to Gallup Poll, only about 36 percent of Americans retired with a pension in 2013. There are many reasons that today’s workers count on Public Pension Social Security retirement benefits as a means of replacing income

Your Entitlement to Social Security Retirement Benefits

If you’re married, you may have questions about eligibility for Social Security spousal benefits. If your spouse doesn’t have a sufficient work and earnings history to earn primary Social Security retirement benefits, he or she may earn a spousal benefit of 50 percent of the beneficiary’s Primary Insurance Amount

Social Security Retirement Benefits Calculation

Knowing something about the Social Security retirement benefits calculation process can help beneficiaries better understand the claiming strategy philosophy later. It’s important to understand how Social Security calculates retirement benefits for retired American workers. Social Security Administration (SSA) has used the same criteria and methodology to calculate Social Security

Living on Social Security Outside of the U.S.

More retirees are living on Social Security benefits outside of the United States. Social Security Administration (SSA) reports that a high percentage of U.S. workers plan to live on Social Security alone. According to the Wall Street Journal, a growing percent of American retirees are leaving the United States

What’s the Maximum Monthly Social Security Benefit

If you’re a worker in the United States, you may want to know “What’s the maximum monthly Social Security benefit?” In 2016, Social Security Administration (SSA) reports that the maximum monthly Social Security retirement benefit for someone retiring at Full Retirement Age (FRA) is USD 2,639. SSA reports that

How to Maximize Social Security Benefits

If you’re concerned about how to maximize Social Security benefits, you’re in good company. Many financial experts host podcasts or write books and newsletters about how to maximize Social Security benefits in retirement. The decision about when to claim your retirement benefits is perhaps a tricky subject. Perhaps you’re

What is the Maximum Social Security Benefit

If you’re considering retirement, you’ve probably asked questions about the maximum Social Security benefit. This year, the maximum Social Security benefit for a beneficiary at full retirement age (FRA) is USD 2,639. The amount is about USD 30 less than the maximum monthly retirement benefit published in 2015. Social