Direct Express Benefits Debit Card– Social Security Direct Deposit

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Direct Express Debit Card
If you receive benefits from Social Security, including retirement and SSI benefits, it’s possible to receive benefits by Direct Express direct deposit. Social Security Administration (SSA) requires that all Social Security retirement or Supplemental Income (SSI) beneficiaries receive their monthly benefits electronically in 2013. If you haven’t already done so, provide Social Security Administration with your bank routing number and account number and, on the date Social Security distributes your benefits, your bank makes these funds available. The Direct Express® benefits debit card is another convenient and secure way to get your Social Security benefits electronically.

Start or change your Direct Deposit information for Social Security retirement benefits on the website by opening a free, secure My Social Security Account. Alternatively, contact your financial institution, such as bank, savings & loan association, or credit union to provide new direct deposit instructions for your Social Security benefits.

If in doubt about how to make direct deposit changes to your Social Security account, contact Social Security by telephone at 1-800-772-1213 or TTY 1-800-325-0778 to make a direct deposit request.

Secure Direct Express Deposit of Social Security Benefits

There are many reasons why you may not want to provide any payer with personal information like your bank account details. A Direct Express® debit card may be a better choice in that case when you want faster access to your Social Security benefits. There are no applying fees to add to the cost of the Direct Express® card. Apply online or by phone for your direct deposit card.

Direct Express® Card Program

Direct Express® is an SSA debit card provider. In this role, Direct Express® deposits the monthly federal benefit amount onto your personal debit card. These benefits are available on the payment day of the month Social Security assigns to you.

There’s no delay in receiving your Social Security benefits with Direct Express®. It’s possible to use the Direct Express® debit card to get cash, buy products and services, or pay bills. The Direct Express® card is safe and easy to use. It’s a great convenience. The U.S. Department of Treasury allows Social Security beneficiaries to receive their monthly benefits electronically since 2013.

Direct Express® makes it easy to perform simple banking tasks, such as checking account balance, monitoring account activity, transferring funds, and other useful services:

  • The Direct Express® Cash-Back program is a popular service. Just use your card to pay for an item at checkout.
  • You will be asked to acknowledge the purchase by signing a purchase slip.
  • A Direct Express® pin number is a great way to add another layer of protection to your account and speed up the purchase process in retail stores.

There’s no charge to request cash back along with your purchase at retail or merchant partner locations. Just enter the amount of cash you want on the keypad or let the cashier know how much additional cash you’d like.

Because the Direct Express® card is a MasterCard debit card, it’s possible to use Direct Express® almost everywhere, including grocers, gas stations, department stores, drug stores/pharmacies, hospitals or doctor’s offices, and restaurants.

Direct Express® Pay Perks

It’s up to you to spend wisely. Unlike a credit card, you can’t spend over the amount of money available in the account. If you request a payment that’s above the amount of money in the account, the purchase is declined by Direct Express®.

PayPerks is a program offered by Direct Express® that rewards you for learning about making positive financial choices. Your PayPerks points can be used to win a monthly cash prize. Earn points by learnings about saving more of your Social Security benefit; discovering new ways to maximize the Direct Express® debit card; and tell friends or family about the PayPerks Program.

Call Direct Express® to learn more or to sign up for your own Social Security benefits payment card. If you have questions about Direct Express®, contact Social Security at 1-877-212-9991. A Social Security representative can make signing up for your debt card an easy task.

If you aren’t already receiving Social Security benefits, it’s necessary to open a Direct Express® account before signing up for Direct Deposit services. If you’d like to compare costs of different electronic debit card vehicles, that’s fine, too. Ask your local librarian about how to search for information about direct deposit vehicles for Social Security benefits.

Low Cost Financial Institution Options

If you don’t have a bank account but want to open one, ask your local bank or credit union if they offer cost-effective Electronic Transfer Account. Some financial institutions will remove the monthly bank service fee in some cases.

Inform the bank or branch manager that you’d like to receive electronic payments from Social Security and want to save on the cost of maintaining a checking or savings account. When opening a new bank account, bring identifying information such as your state-issued ID card, driver’s license, U.S. passport, paycheck stubs, and phone number.

If you aren’t receiving Social Security retirement or other SSA-administered benefits but you’re planning to apply soon, tell your Social Security representative you’d like Direct Deposit of benefits. When planning to use a bank account to collect your Social Security benefits, provide Social Security with account information as it appears on your personal check or bring a copy of your last bank statement to the Social Security office.